• History


    A total of 13 long-range ballistic missiles, including two nuclear missiles, were launched by K in a situation of complete isolation from the international community.
    Eleven shots landed in the sea, one in China and the remaining one in Mongolia.
    Among them, the missiles that landed in China were nuclear missiles.
    This brings the number of instant deaths to 142,000 and the number of injured and unaccounted for to 80,000, making it the largest ever catastrophe beyond Hiroshima.


    Asian countries around the world that have become increasingly concerned about a missile attack by the Korean nation have dispatched troops.
    It was temporarily plunged into a state of war (Asian War).
    Although the battle against the nuclear-armed K-State forces was expected to be protracted, it was calmed down by the commitment of the United States' top military force.
    With the end of the war, the momentum for the eradication of nuclear weapons will grow in the world.


    The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) enacts a treaty banning the possession, manufacture, and use of nuclear weapons.
    In addition, the UN Charter will strictly regulate all weapons other than nuclear weapons, banning the possession and production of such weapons except in some countries such as the US.
    However, this special treatment allowed some countries to possess weapons, and many of them expressed their distrust.


    With the restrictions on weapons possession, countries will seek alternative means of defense and offense.
    This led to dramatic advances in biology, robotics, and other fields.


    Dr. K.C.R. Bryan, a leading expert in entomology, devises the "Insect weapons program for important person assassination" in order to obtain research funding.
    In 2029, the country's power is weakened by the defeat of the Asian War, and the plan is brought to K. The country is in danger of losing its existence.
    The K-kuni, which had already run out of the latter, approved this.
    The next year, 2033, the plan will be put into action.


    The "insect-type weapon development plan for assassinating key figures", which had been going smoothly until then, ran into problems.
    The test subject, which is supposed to be miniaturized by a genetic manipulation error, suddenly becomes huge.
    The test subject, which had grown to over six meters in length, destroyed the laboratory.
    The K's mobilized their troops to exterminate the test subjects and warned Dr. Brian to never have such a problem again.
    But the gigantic form of the test subject did not disappear from the doctor's head.


    Dr. Bryan announced to the media a new giant insect-type life form, Neo Vespa, in a way that took the promoters of the "insect-type weapon development plan for assassinating key figures" in the K-Kuni by surprise.
    Its body length was even more massive than it was in 2036, exceeding 10 meters.
    The new life forms, based on wasps and created by multiplying the various abilities of other insects, had excellent social skills, were extremely fertile, and were aggressive.
    Naturally, its existence is viewed as dangerous and calls for the eradication of neo-Vespa will be raised in many countries.


    The U.N. Security Council issues a recommendation that K-State immediately freeze its program to develop insect-type weapons to assassinate key personnel.


    After receiving an ultimatum from the UN Security Council, Dr. Bryan blew up the institute.
    In exchange for his own life, he unleashed a queen bee.


    Following Dr. Brian's death, the disappearance of the research institute, and the confirmation that the research materials were burned, the UN Security Council declares an end to the "insect-type weapons development program for assassinating key personnel.
    People's memories of the neo-Vespa gradually fade away...


    The number of incidents in which people go missing in various places becomes frequent.
    In some cases, all the residents of a small village disappeared overnight, and the media began to report it as a mystery involving UFOs.
    There was a rumor on the web that Neo Vespa was involved in this case, but few people believed it.
    At this time, the name "Neo Vespa" was not disclosed to the public, so it was called "Sudama" (vengeful) on the web.
    Thereafter, the name of Neo Vespa was established as "Sudama".


    The International Criminal Police Organization, which has embarked on a search for a spate of missing persons, discovered a Sudama nest on an isolated island in Indonesia.
    In 2040, a queen bee released from a laboratory in the K country travels to Indonesia and builds a nest in a cave.
    Large and carnivorous, the Sudama fed on large livestock and humans.
    It turns out that it was Sudama who snatched the missing people in various places.
    In order to prevent further damage, the United States and other countries, led by the United States, send in their armed forces to annihilate Neo Vespa.


    The army's quick response resulted in the extermination of Sudama's nest and the elimination of the herd.
    But there was more than one nest in Sudama.
    Before the discovery of the isolated Indonesian hive, Sudama had been sparring and breeding.
    The number of nests, about 32.
    The distribution of the Sudama was now worldwide.
    A battle for the survival of the species begins between the humans and the Sudama.


    The Sudama begins to develop a resistance to weapons used by humans.
    This drastically reduced the number of Sudama to be eradicated and led to an explosive increase in the population.
    Ironically, the restriction on weapons production in 2030 was a factor in the increase in the total number of Sudama.


    To counter the rampaging Sudama, a major Japanese machinery manufacturer, Shibasaki Heavy Industries, has begun manufacturing combat robots for the Sudama.


    The "Fibo" prototype (Type 0), a combat robot for the Sudama, was completed.
    The system will be operated on a trial basis in Japan.
    The good results recorded during the test operation period will attract the attention of the whole world as a trump card for humanity.


    After two model changes, Fibo Type III was completed as the first mass production machine.
    Forty of the first production units were to be put into actual battle.


    Humanity is convinced of its victory when it learns that Sudama's numbers are on the decline after the introduction of Fibo Type III into the field.
    However, a new enemy has appeared from an unexpected place.
    Fibo, the trump card of humanity, has revolted and started attacking humans.
    Fibo's enhanced abilities for fighting Sudama far surpassed those of humans.
    In this year, the total number of human beings is reduced to a third of what it used to be due to the fierce attacks of Sudama and Fibo.


    Humanity without an effective countermeasure, a defense capability, will be cornered.
    The majority of the world had already fallen into the hands of the Sudama or Fibo, and the only places left for humanity were the United States, Brazil, and parts of Europe.
    The population was also reduced to such an extreme that it was rumored that the end of the human race was not far away.


    The battle between Sudama and Fibo heats up as humanity, whose numbers have dwindled, decides it is no longer an enemy.
    The hand of an attack on a person is temporarily loosened.
    Freed from the fierce attack, humanity seeks a way to counter the two under its breath.


    Realizing that the only way to compete with Sudama and Fibo is to break through the limits of their own capabilities, humans push forward with the Neo-breed project.
    The main contents of the plan included the development of new weapons using Sudama's outer shell, mechanization of his body, and enhancement of his abilities through genetic engineering.


    The Neo breed project will result in a baby with an extremely enlarged brain.
    Named "V1618," this baby had an intelligence dozens of times greater than that of a normal human and was able to stay active 24 hours a day by dividing its large brain into three partitions.
    The people rejoiced that the birth of V1618 was the birth of a new leader of humanity.


    As the months go by, V1618's intelligence develops at an astonishing rate.
    In comparison, however, his physical development was extremely slow, and his appearance was not much different from that of a newborn baby.


    v1618 proposes the "NES plan" (The next evolution system) as a means to counter the Sudama and Fibo, leaving only the human head and completely mechanizing the body.
    This plan was a painful decision, considering the fact that the body would become food for the Sudama, and that the brain would be hacked by Fibo if it was also mechanized.


    The first NES soldier, a mechanized human being created by the NES Project, is born.
    The newly empowered humanity once again declares war on Sudama and Fibo.
    The three-way battle between Human, Sudama, and Fibo begins.


  • Human

    M: "It's finally here... I guess I should say, after all.

    W: "It's about 25 years since the birth of Sudama...the time to take back the initiative of the world into human hands. It's a long way to go, if you think about it.

    A: "There were many victims, too. It can't just be that it's an enormous amount of damage.

    M: "Yeah, that's it, let's check it again now, shall we?

    A: "The current number of survivors is 1,131,188, right?

    W: "That means that 5,248,347,159 people have been killed so far. So, what's the breakdown?

    A: "The number of people killed by Sudama is about 2.62 billion, and the number of people killed by Fibo is about 2.45 billion. There are about 310 million other people who have died of disease or hunger.

    M: "Hmmm, it's interesting that it's almost 50/50, since Fibo was born more than 10 years after Sudama in addition to its small population.

    A: "In a sense, the Sudama attacks humans haphazardly, while the Fibo attacks with a long-term plan. It's a small number of them, but it's quite a threat. They also use a lot of nuclear weapons...

    W: "They're going to exterminate every living thing on the planet?

    A: "Or maybe that's what they intend to do. The Fibo Type III FSV00016, which is believed to be the mastermind behind the betrayal, is said to have been damaged during the battle of Monument Valley and the program is said to have stopped working properly.

    W: "So it's the Fibo developer's opinion. Well, the developers are tempted to think so, though.

    A: "Speaking of which, do you think that Fibo has acquired an ego? You think this betrayal is due to Fibo's own ideas?

    W: "There's a non-zero chance of that, too.

    A: "...I don't agree with that idea, don't you think? If that's the case, then Fibo is denying and trying to kill its creator, the human being. The result of their brilliant minds is that they have popped the answer that we don't need humans in this world. That's...unacceptable after all.

    W: "That's a matter of your feelings, isn't it? It has absolutely nothing to do with the possibility that Fibo has acquired an ego. Most of the time, you get emotional about everything...

    M: "Well, that's a problem that will be solved by capturing Fibo type III and FSV00016, isn't it? It won't solve anything if we fight over the reasoning here. By the way, did you hear about that? The story of a new species of mushroom that grows on the carcass of Sudama.

    W: "Oh, the equivalent of a mushroom parasitic on that jungle-dwelling insect...

    A: "The fungus is controlling the number of certain insects so that they don't increase too much, right? And that's what's happening to Sudama.

    M: "The scholar said it wasn't so. Since the discovery of the mushroom, the population of Sudama has been kept to a certain number. But isn't it interesting to think about it that way? How can a Sudama produced by human hands be governed by the rules of the natural world?

    W: "So you've been accepted by the natural world.

    M: "The place where Sudama's corpse was solidified a few months ago is now like a forest. The mushrooms that sprout up here are so big.

    A: "It sounds like Sudama is trying to revive the forest that was burned by Fibo, although I'm sure that Sudama's creator, Dr. Brian, didn't think it would come to this.

    M: "You must be very disappointed in the afterlife, Dr. Brian. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

    W: "Because he wanted Sudama to reign at the top of the ecosystem, he did.

    A: "How could it be prevented by a protozoan, a fungus...

    M: "It's just a fungus, but it's still a fungus. But wildlife is amazing, isn't it? It's like the great will of the natural world. I don't know if it's the will or the will, but this is it.

    W: "So, does that mean that this is a battle between the natural world and machines?

    M: "It's like a mixed martial arts battle, isn't it? Like Shorinji Kempo vs. Capoeira.

    W: "So, is there room for a human to get in there?

    A: "I don't think we have a chance at winning at this rate, since Fibo's ability far surpasses that of humans, even though Sudama's.

    M: "As for the number of Fibo, the total number that had been increasing with the mass production of Type V has been decreasing recently.

    A: "The battle between Sudama and Fibo is intensifying, with us in the lead. Nowadays, we are a small part of the human race. I guess I'm not in their eyes.

    W: "It's not worth shaking're being licked.

    M: "I think that's why we were able to go ahead with that wonderful plan.

    W: "The next evolution system

    A: "...I don't agree with all of this.

    M: "But without the NES project, there is no way for humanity to be restored. It's too dangerous to fight in the flesh, because Fibo uses nukes, and if the Sudama catches it, they'll use it for food. It's too risky.

    W: "Yes, no matter how you think about it, it's not worth it. To challenge them in the flesh is the height of nonsense.

    A: "That doesn't mean I'm going to lose my body... Isn't it no longer possible to call it human?

    M: "Just a moment ago, you and I were saying 'we humans...', weren't we? If we're human, they're human too.

    W: "That's right. If we're human, then the NES subjects are human. The other day, the head of the army came to this room with his second daughter, didn't he? She's going to be 9 this year. Do you know what she said when she looked at us?

    M: "Yeah...cute little baby?

    W: "The Brainiac Geek

    M: "That's nice. You're a brainiac! Long live the sensibility of a child!

    W: "What the hell are you talking about, I thought you were a kid. We've become such an ugly figure to make up for your lacking tits! ...I wish I could have said that, Mattak.

    M: "You should have told him. There's no law that says it's okay to spoil a girl just because she's a lady. Or maybe you don't think you like her...

    W: "Who's gonna like a rude snot-nosed lunatic with a brainless gadfly, if he's not a true masochist? Besides, if I could talk, I would have yelled at him. If only I could yell at them directly, not through a monitor or something.

    M: "It's a shame we can't show you this beautiful voice, true story.

    A: "Well...let's talk about this for now and move on, shall we? Today is the anniversary of the second phase of the NES program.

    M: "Yes, yes, it was.

    W: "Finally, NES soldiers are in the field. But the three of us could only hope for a 50% chance of winning, even if we twisted our heads a lot... It makes me want to hang my head to think that this is the extent of my enlarged brain.

    M: "No, I'd say it's a good job, because the win rate was less than 10% before the NES plan came into effect, and it's been pushed up to this point.

    A: "That's right. When it's all said and done, the only thing left to do is to leave it to God's will.

    W: "If there's still a god like you in this world.

    A: "God is always with people.

    W: "Hmph, I don't know.

    M: "Well, well, well, well, there's a lot to do before praying to God, isn't there? Yes, I'm going to tell you before we start this operation that if something goes wrong, don't solve it by yourself.

    A: "So it's okay to call an emergency convocation like today, right? Even before shift time.

    M: "Of course, it's the three brains for that. Three heads are better than one...

    W: "Well, it's about time. Let's show them what it's like to be human, shall we?

    A: "Yes, it's too early to disappear from the stage of history. Humans are still in the process of evolving. You can still grow. And this, in my view, is a test for a new evolution.

    M: "All right, let's go, for human victory and new evolution!


  • Sudama

    This text is the research record of Dr. K.C.R. Bryan, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the "Insect weapons program for important person assassination". It was a recording of his voice using an ultra-small voice recorder, which he recorded on the Internet in real time. Since other materials were erased with the bombing of the Institute, this is a valuable record of the path that led to the birth of Neo Vespa. For the record, this record began in 2020 and continued until 20 years later, in 2040. The following is a partial excerpt of the transcript.

    October 15th, 2020

    I left the university where I worked as a professor for six years to start my own research, in a small one-bedroom apartment that is now my laboratory. A wasp nest in the living room. My specialty, insects, and me. A simple relationship. That's exactly what I was looking for. The dim-witted students and nagging university village professors are no longer here. It's a refreshing feeling. From now on, I will be able to devote myself to my research without worry.

    August 28th, 2029

    A war involving countries around Asia has ended, three days ago. I learned about it on a TV news program. As an entomologist, I have no interest in the war, but I still find this event to be a joyous one. A prolonged war would take its toll on the numerous insects in the war zone. If this goes on longer, the research will be hampered. It's all right for people to kill each other, but it's unbearable for insects to get involved. After all, this war should have ended sooner rather than later. That's the right thing to do.

    September 4th, 2031

    She began to feel increasingly stuck in the research she was doing on her own. is overwhelmingly in short supply. However, I have no intention of going back to the university now. A cesspool of incompetent scholars who only flatter academia.

    January 21th, 2032

    I suddenly have an epiphany. With the enactment of the WMD Treaty, the world was looking for a new direction for weapons. Can't we build a new weapon without getting stuck in a treaty? All right, then, I'll make it for you. As an entomologist, I am. I wrote up my plans in a hurry. In less than half a day I had a great plan that was paranoid.
    Insect weapons program for important person assassination.
    It's a perfect plan for the military guys who lack imagination. If this plan is approved, I will get a large amount of funding. It will also be given a laboratory with the latest equipment. In order to do that, we have to work on our sales first.

    March 12th, 2032

    A small country in Asia approves a plan to develop an insect-type weapon for assassinating important people. As I was explaining the plan in front of the soldiers lined up around me, I remember thinking to myself, "This is a total joke. I struggled to hold back my laughter throughout the deliberation. But they didn't. His face was serious from start to finish, and his eyes were serious itself. And the plan was approved. Unanimous. And I think. It's like a total joke.

    April 1st, 2033

    The day has finally arrived when the plan is put into action. I was given a large amount of money and enough manpower. And of course, a laboratory with the latest equipment. In extreme fear that the plan would be leaked to the outside world, the military built a vast underground laboratory. On the ground, the honey business and the apiary were arranged. A simple yet stunning camouflage. This is because the insect at the core of the plan is a bee. Surrounded by lots of bees, I was in a good mood. I think we can do good research in this environment. But first we'll have to do a little planning. We need to convince these hard-headed military men.

    April 15th, 2033

    Bees of all kinds from all over the world converged on the Institute. Wasps, ashina bees, honey bees, bear bees, zigaba bees... As a result of the discussion, it was decided that the main test subject of the "insect-type weapon development plan for assassination of key personnel" would be the male wasp. That's because the female male hornet is the most aggressive and venomous.

    June 20th, 2033

    Successfully increases the toxicity of the test subjects up to 20 times higher than before. The first step is to clear the first stage.

    September 14th, 2033

    One of the researchers is stabbed by an intensely toxic test subject. The stabbed researcher's face became swollen in an instant. He complained of nausea and dizziness and lay on the floor of the laboratory as he collapsed. His body was covered in urticaria, and he vomited repeatedly. Eventually, he had trouble breathing and ended up knocking around on the floor. It took only two minutes from being stabbed to death. I think it's a great result.

    November 2nd, 2034

    Several additional bee characteristics are successfully fused to the test subjects. In the future, we plan to incorporate the characteristics of insects other than bees.

    March 13th, 2035

    The research had been going relatively smoothly until now, but now we hit a wall. It was a matter of size. The male wasp's body length is 44 mm. The test subjects currently had a body length of 40 mm, albeit slightly smaller by incorporating other bee characteristics. It's the opinion of the military people that it's too conspicuous at this point. Admittedly, at this size it's too conspicuous for assassination use. We have to aim for further miniaturization.

    July 19th, 2036

    On this day, the Institute falls into a state of devastation. The test subjects, which were supposed to be miniaturized by genetic engineering, became huge. For some reason, the genes that determine the size of the body have ceased to function. The giant test subject devoured several researchers and destroyed everything around it. My left arm was torn off, too. Eventually, the army is dispatched to exterminate the rampaging test subjects. After a few hours, the test subjects were exterminated, but it appears that the military also suffered considerable damage. Hearing that, I can't help but smile at the thought. Yes, I had hoped that the test subject would be able to kill a human being as a strongest creature with ease, even after having his left arm ripped off!

    August 25th, 2036

    Having lost my left arm, I was often housed in a military hospital, but on this day I finally returned to my studies. He returned to work with a single-minded desire to analyze the data of the giant test subjects as soon as possible. However, the corpses of the test subjects were discarded and the research data was erased. No mention of the incident was made of it by the researchers who witnessed it. He was gagged. I will also be nailed by the military to forget that event. At first, I nodded. I will show by my attitude that I will follow you. But I will never forget it. That day, at that time, my heart was racing. The excitement of having created a new creature.

    November 3rd, 2036

    While pushing through the military's plans, I also put in some top-secret research. I can't stop thinking about that giant test subject. I can't stop thinking about the idea that this is the new form of the creature. Insects become masters of the world by becoming huge. With their abilities, it's not hard to do. This is because their abilities far surpass those of humans. There is just one thing to be aware of. It's a human weapon. Although the WMD treaty reduced their number and power, it is true that the previous test subjects were exterminated by weapons owned by the military. Strengthening the outer shell and improving immunity are the immediate challenges.

    September 9th, 2037

    One of the researchers found out about my secret research. He said he had been monitoring me and questioning my recent behavior. He talked about the dangers of a giant test subject and told me to stop this nonsense immediately. This crap? Do you think it's not trivial to build insect-type weapons to assassinate important people? That's what I mean when I say it's a load of crap! He was my right hand man, and I decided to let him die. I am the creator of a new creature. To admonish me would be tantamount to spitting at God. It's really unforgivable. Without hesitation, I pulled the trigger of my gun. In this way, one corpse was created. Let's give the corpse to a test subject. The subject took a bite out of the researcher's meat and dexterously rounded it up. Soon several large and small meat dumplings were completed. It's a meat dumpling to feed to the larvae. After they were completed, the subject stared at my face as if asking for more food. It's an appalling amount of greed. Let's hope they don't devour every living thing on earth.

    December 1st, 2037

    Naming the test subjects as "neo-Vespa". It means that they are more than just wasps. Nowadays, however, even insects are transcended.

    January 4th, 2038

    I have learned that the Institute will soon be interviewed by the media in other countries. To be precise, it wasn't about the institute, but about the apiary above it. But that's probably not the only thing the media is after. They think there's something going on underneath the apiary. I'm wondering if it might be able to catch us by the tail. The army hoped to dispel their doubts by daring to be interviewed. On the day of the interview, I was advised by the military to stay calm. But I know. That it's the military that has to keep a lid on things. After all, it's only an apiary that is being interviewed. It's a place that doesn't call for an army. If we tried to be flashy with our guards, they would think we were being suspicious. This is an opportunity. It's a chance for me to make my research known to the world.

    January 20th, 2038

    The day we've all been waiting for finally arrives. I've managed to expose the neo-Vespa in front of the TV cameras under the guise of introducing a new species of honeybee. It was a Japanese news program, and it was being broadcast live across the country! I still can't forget the horrified, frozen faces of the reporters who witnessed the NeoVespa. For me, it was an expression that equaled the highest compliment. Later, I was taken into custody to be held responsible for exposing the military's plans. I'm in a cell. Still, I was filled with an indescribable sense of happiness. I was able to show my work to the world.

    February 13th, 2038

    He is finally released from his restraints. It seemed like the military was never going to forgive me for my actions, but the practicalities of the matter gave me the freedom to do so. It's a real issue, and I mean a neo-Vespa. They had improved upon their improvements, and they were getting out of hand. Even if you try to exterminate it, military weapons won't stand up to it. They had evolved into a life form with a more robust outer shell and immunity. In less than two years! It has to be said that this is an astonishing speed compared to the history of human evolution. They will continue to evolve. Until he takes the world in his hands as the strongest creature in the world.

    December 18th, 2039

    Receives a recommendation from the UN Security Council to freeze the plan. I'm not going to give in to such threats, but I'm sure we just don't have the time. We need to complete the research before they put their full weight behind it.

    May 6th, 2040

    Finally received an ultimatum from the UN Security Council. He said that if the research is not stopped, he will promptly move to military action. In response, the military decided to freeze the study. I was to be bound again. But it's too late. The preparations have already been made. The underground awaits the moment when a united neo-Vespa will step outside. Once the time bomb I set off goes off, she'll fly off into the outside world. She is the bee that will be the queen of the new world. She will fly out into the outside world, burrow underground and lay three thousand eggs, three thousand of my children! 3000 of my hopes! I hope he survives well in the outside world.

    Immediately after this, Dr. Brian's voice was drowned out by a terrifying explosion. The explosions sounded five times in a row (in between they sounded like yelling, but it was impossible to tell). This was followed by a thud that seemed to break through a solid wall. The sound of the recorder becomes muffled and muffled, and a deafening sound begins to blend in. The sound of walls blowing...screams...and a loud, fluttering sound. The fluttering of wings rapidly faded away, while at the same time a blast rang out at point-blank range. The record is cut off here.


  • Fibo

    Monument Valley, United States. The dry, reddish-brown earth and the overwhelmingly wide blue sky. And the remaining hill that juts out into the structural plain, Butte. The wilderness of the American wilderness, where the Navajo spirits reside. It's a strange terrain to behold. It looks like a Martian landscape. The landscape is so bizarre that it doesn't seem very earthly. And now, in this strange land, another battle like no other on earth was about to begin. A robot fights with a giant insect beast. The number of insect beasts is around 2,800, compared to 6 robots, who gather at the edge of their burrows to protect the empire they have created beneath the fissures in the earth, making a shrill sound like metal rubbing against metal. I'm telling you to go home. You don't stand a chance. You should go home now. The insect beast's body was about 4 meters long, while the robot's was 2.5 meters long, and the insect beast far outweighed the insect beast in both size and number. Nevertheless, the robots do not pay any attention to the threatening sounds they make and steadily approach the den. Is there no such thing as fear, or... The menacing sounds emitted by the insect varmints gradually grew louder, and now they had turned into earthquakes. An ominous rumble shakes the reddish-brown earth. It was as if the Navajo were trying to awaken the spirit of the earth, which they believed to be the earth. As if triggered by the sound, the insect buggers that had been clumped around the burrow took off into the sky one by one, then again. In contrast, the robots, which had been lined up in parallel, expand to the left and right, encircling the den. The distance to the burrow is about 700 meters, and it's getting closer and closer...600 meters...500 meters...400 meters...and so on. The robots don't show any flashy movements, but simply keep their distance. At that moment, the sound of the earth rumbling stopped, and the group of insect buggers that had been hardened in their burrows popped up into the air. The robots open their chest missile launch ports in unison, preparing for the attack of the insect buzzards. The names of the robots were marked just above the open missile launch port. The robot's name is.....................................

    The name of the robot is "Fibo". Fibo is a battle robot equipped with artificial intelligence that was created to fight against the giant insectoid life form "Sudama", a machine that was created only to defeat Sudama. Their enemy, Sudama, is a new life form announced by entomologist Dr. Brian in 2038. The name at the time of the announcement was "Neo Vespa". Although it was only exposed for about 12 seconds during the TV broadcast, its monster-like appearance became the topic of conversation for people all over the world. However, two years after the shocking announcement, the Sudama development facility was blown up by Dr. Brian himself. The facility disappeared without a trace and Sudama was also thought to be extinct. But Sudama did not perish, and it was not until 2056, 16 years after the bombing of the Institute, that Sudama reappeared before humanity. The place where they were found is an isolated island in Indonesia. In Indonesia, there had been dozens or hundreds of incidents of people going missing in the past few years. In addition, an unidentified flying object was captured on video by a tourist, leading to a UFO theory. The TV station was bitten by this. A crew is dispatched just in case a dubious TV show about paranormal activity has struck. No one believed in UFOs, but even they couldn't come back empty-handed. After more than four months, I finally succeeded in capturing the figure of Sudama. The news shocked the world once again and sent the whole world racing. The biggest shock was that the Sudama preyed on large animals, livestock, and even humans. They were extremely greedy in order to maintain a body over 10 meters and a herd of over 3,000. Nevertheless, insects are only insects after all. Everyone thought that no matter how huge it was, it was not a human enemy. In fact, the Sudama nest found in Indonesia was exterminated in a matter of months by military inputs. But that wasn't the end of it all. Rather, it was only the beginning. Sudama's nests are exposed one after another in various places as if to mock people's fleeting relief. It was as if spring had come and the insects that had been hibernating until then were waking up at once, and Sudama and the others emerged from the ground in droves. In response, the human race joined forces with other nations and sent in allied forces to exterminate the Sudama nest one by one. The total number of Sudama's was decreasing quickly by throwing in the maximum power that they could have from early on. This can be annihilated in less than a few years. Everyone thought so. One day, however, the decline in Sudama's numbers came to a halt, and Sudama became resistant. against human weapons in a very short period of time - three years. As the number of Sudama being defeated decreased, the number of humans being hunted increased in proportion. The targets were mainly soldiers on the front lines. They were taken to the Sudama's nest and fed to the larvae. Eventually, as the damage spreads, humans can no longer carelessly interfere with Sudama. Then, in 2060, the number of Sudama, which was almost unbridled, exploded. The damage on the human side was increasing as well. Everyone thought that at this rate, the human race would be hunted as bait and would soon become extinct. In order to break through this situation, a company has set up. It was a major Japanese machine manufacturer called Shibasaki Heavy Industries, and since the Sudama preyed on humans, they had no choice but to leave the extermination to the machines. Shibasaki Heavy Industries called on machinery manufacturers from around the world to form a project team to develop a combat robot for the Sudama. After six years of trial and error, the prototype "Fibo", a combat robot for the Sudama, was completed. It is the culmination of human wisdom and technology. That was Fibo. Upon completion, Fibo was immediately sent to the battlefield, where it scored higher than even the developers had expected. In response to this, countries invested a lot of money to compete with Sudama as if they had found the only way to compete with it. Shibasaki Heavy Industries has embarked on mass production and improvement of the Fibo. In 2069, one year after the completion of the prototype, 40 Fibo (Type III) units were completed after two model changes. Twelve of the planes were to be sent to the United States.

    Monument Valley in the United States of America again. Eight hours had passed since the start of the battle, and the sun was about to fade into the western horizon at that moment. The sun swung the last of its strength, staining the earth red with overwhelming force. A red color that was dark and somehow ominous. The land of Monument Valley seemed to have been submerged in a sea of blood. The remaining hills that cast long dark shadows as they cut through the sea. While the remaining hills cast long, narrow shadows, there were some that peeked out briefly. Like dust floating in a sea of blood, it was the corpse of dozens or hundreds of Sudama. They were hard and cold with their legs broken. A single wolfsbane was rising from the den they had risked their lives to protect. A line of wolf smoke became a line and was sucked into the dying sky. There was no sign of anything moving around, and the wilderness was shrouded in silence. Just then, I heard a muffled sound, as if something had crumbled deep inside the den. Dust billows up from the den. The next thing you know, something is peeking out of the den, and it's Fibo. Fibo emerged from his den with a slow movement. The fuselage was sooty here and there, and one of its six arms had been ripped off at the base. After exiting the den, Fibo stopped moving. It was as if he had used up all his energy the moment he stepped out of his den. But Fibo wasn't broken, nor had it run out of energy. He just remained silent. The sunset was reflected in the three eyes he held. Fibo gazed at the sunset until the last moment when the light disappeared, a mysterious light framing the vast horizon in madder colors. Then he looks out over the land where the darkness has grown thicker. I look at the corpses of Sudama and the others lying there one by one. His storage medium kept a full record of the battle in Monument Valley. He replayed the battle record; the Sudama and the others were all fighting desperately. They fought desperately until the very last one, trying to protect their nest, trying to protect their queen. To survive. To leave their offspring in this world. Fibo and the others also fought hard.

    But what the hell for?

    There was also a record of the destruction of his companions. His comrades were trying to continue fighting the Sudama even though several arms had been ripped off and most of the aircraft had been damaged. The fuselage is completely immobilized, right up to the last moment.

    Serial number FSV00015, 12:04:21 local time, LOST.
    Serial number FSV00013, 12:52:03 local time, LOST.
    Serial number FSV00017, 14:16:07 local time, LOST.
    Serial number FSV00012, 16:43:17 local time, LOST.
    Serial number FSV00014, 17:26:52 local time, LOST.

    What's the point of this sacrifice?

    After looking around in circles, Fibo turned his three eyes to the den. There was no expression on his alleged face. It is not possible to create an expression. It's a machine that's only made for fighting. Nevertheless, the sight of him standing there in the dark seemed to me to be awaiting something. Yes, he may have been waiting for it. He watched as his fallen comrades puffed back their breath and emerged from their den. He remained steadfast, waiting for the moment when such a miracle would come. But no matter how long he waited, his friends did not emerge from their den. After a long, long time, he looked up at the sky. Before I knew it, there were countless stars, large and small, floating in the night sky. A star-filled sky fills the vast night sky. It was the first time in his life he had ever seen a landscape like that. At that moment, a call rang out in the wilderness of the quiet night. The engineers at Shibasaki Heavy Industries are calling for Fibo to open a line. He asked me to open the line and report the status of the battle. He silenced it. The call sounded tenaciously and repeatedly, then broke off abruptly. The area once again fell into a heavy silence that made my ears hurt. The call stopped and a moment later, one of the stars in the sky streamed in and disappeared. One of the stars is dead. This was reflected in the lens, Fibo's three eyes. After the shooting star disappeared, Fibo left Monument Valley with a certain determination in his heart.

    From this day forward, Fibo will stand in front of humanity as its second enemy.